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Humble li'l diner. Comfortable food.

We're an independent, casual diner founded by people who believe that a restaurant ought to be unpretentious and its food hearty & easy to understand. Our style is minimalist & fuss-free yet never compromising on the passion & labour that goes into a home-cooked meal. Come as you are and feel right at home right away.

Open Daily
Mon-Tue 6-10pm
Wed-Thu 10am-10pm
Fri-Sun 9am-10pm
PH 9am-10pm
Walk in or Make a Reservation

Event venue. Celebrations.

We cater to parties of all sizes. Birthdays, baby showers, wedding solemnisations, company gatherings. We’re a unique location for exclusive product launches; we’re also good for hen parties, closed-door events and more.

Gallery space. Akan datang.

Coming soon: a gallery for artists, musicians and entrepreneurs to showcase their craft.