We had the honour of hosting lunch with Sumiko Tan and Edwin Tong, where Mr Tong reveals his true personality and the reasons behind his pivotal career switch. More importantly, what are their favourite dishes and drinks at The Garden Slug…? 😜


  • We open on a Tuesday especially for this interview Sumiko Tan interviews Edwin Tong at The Garden Slug
  • Patches (resident cat a.k.a. Lord of Telok Kurau) supervises the entire interview Patches the Cat supervises the interview between Sumiko Tan and Edwin Tong at The Garden Slug
  • Edwin Tong’s favourite drink: Honey Orange Lemon Lime
  • Sumiko orders the Frothy Iced Nutella Shake
  • They both try the best-selling pastas Edwin Tong orders Tom Yum Pasta Vongole at The Garden Slug

Okay, that’s about all you need to know. You can go now, bye.

…oh, you still here?

📺 hokay, you can watch the candid interview…

🗞 or read all about it… Lunch With Sumiko Tan and Edwin Tong, The Straits Times interview link: Lunch with Sumiko: ‘It’s been a roller coaster,’ says Edwin Tong on his journey from lawyer to lawmaker

Thank you for all that you do for our community, Mr Tong. Special thanks to Sumiko Tan and The Straits Times for mentioning The Garden Slug and having lunch with us 🙏

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